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      "Care for health, with you", Jinhua Jing Di medical supplies Co., Ltd. has always insisted on the production of high-quality medical dressings and disinfection products as its mission.
      Jinhua Jingdi medical supplies Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jing Di medical) is a research and development, production and sales of disposable 6864 class, 6865 class medical dressings and disinfection products as one of the medical supplies company, is a model of enterprises in Zhejiang Province medical dressing industry, has a strong R & D, production and sales of power the modernization of enterprise. From 2004 to now more than ten years to achieve synchronous expansion and development of domestic and international market, the small "paste" and medical dressings, disinfection products really bigger and stronger, the layout of medical occupation world at home and abroad.
      Jing Di health in the process of development, in Zhejiang Province, Jinhua City, the relevant competent departments under the strong support and care, in 2012 was named "technical innovation project" Jinhua City Award, the year 2013 the company was rated "Jinhua high tech enterprise" and "Jinhua enterprise technology center of scientific and technological achievements into advanced enterprise" and "Zhejiang technology based smes". 2014 was awarded the Jinhua municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and other departments jointly assessed as "honest business enterprise", "Jinhua City  Medical Association executive director units, Zhejiang Province medical device industry association" vice president "title, Jinhua famous trademarks; 2015 was named national high tech enterprises, at the same time through the GMP certification system. In 2016 by the Jinhua municipal patent demonstration enterprise title, the brand on brand a constant, constant Di Di licensing Tuire tie 11 products selected for the Jinhua independent innovation products and excellent products catalog, excellent industrial products of Zhejiang province 5.
      In November 2016, the company was awarded the Zhejiang provincial council, the International Chamber of Commerce organized the The Belt and Road construction advanced unit title, "Jinhua patent demonstration enterprise" title, "Jindong brand to create advanced enterprise" title.


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